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2016 AMERIPEN Annual Meeting
June 1-3, 2016 | Washington, DC.

This year’s theme is Building Alignment, Driving Action: Promoting Effective Sustainable Packaging Policies.

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Our Mission

AMERIPEN represents the North American market, promoting the best use, benefits and functions of packaging. AMERIPEN believes that fact- and science-based decision-making is the best way to advocate for a future where all production, distribution, and consumption are sustainable.

Using sound science and a philosophy of material neutrality, AMERIPEN develops positions on issues related to packaging and the environment. These include the environmental impact, marketing, sourcing, manufacture, and distribution of packaging throughout its lifecycle.

AMERIPEN engages and collaborates with existing industry organizations to leverage their expertise in:

  • Analyzing the environmental and social effects of packaging.
  • Creating a better understanding of the role of packaging.
  • Minimizing the environmental impact across the entire product and packaging supply chain.


How We Work

AMERIPEN carries out its activities through focused committees and projects. Affiliates and other interested parties may serve on committees and participate in related meetings or project work.

Relying on sound scientific principles, technical information, and a commitment to material neutrality, committees and project teams develop recommendations, guidance documents, business proposals, or other information for consideration by the Board of Directors and the AMERIPEN voting membership. At the direction of the Board, these committees may also develop and implement operational projects.