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Product Recovery Knowledge Map.

AMERIPEN’s Product Recovery Knowledge Map (PRKM) is an interactive web-based knowledge mapping tool that has a first-of-its kind compilation of packaging data by type across all phases of the recovery system, from generation to processing, which can help determine the next most logical steps to drive recovery of packaging materials. Access to the PRKM previously was reserved for AMERIPEN members only, but the majority of this important resource has been made free and available to everyone, as a public service.

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Over the past year, AMERIPEN’s Recovery Work Group worked hard to assemble packaging data from across all phases of the packaging recovery system: from generation to processing, with the goal of identifying a pathway for optimizing packaging material recovery. This data is now housed in the Product Recovery Knowledge Map (PRKM). Designed to serve as an informational clearinghouse and organizational tool to support data-driven decision making, the PRKM is a one-stop repository for industry professionals – a living and growing resource.

AMERIPEN hopes that this open access to the PRKM, along with the valuable knowledge that will be shared in an November 15th online session (link to register below), will enable increased participation in recovery efforts from across the packaging value chain. Everyone with an interest in this sector is encouraged to make use of the PRKM and to register for the webinar.

Free Podcast of a PRKM Webinar

An online knowledge-sharing session entitled “From Data Collection to Implementation Action – AMERIPEN’s Next Steps in Optimizing Packaging Recovery” showcased the data assembled in the PRKM and the achievements and future plans of AMERIPEN’s Recovery Work Group, which developed the data. The webinar is now available as a free podcast in Windows Media File format. You can also download the slides as a PDF file.