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    AMERIPEN is excited to be part of WWF’s Cascading Materials Vision, which aims to extend the life of our natural resources. The Vision includes many of the philosophies upon which our organization is based, including science-based decision making, a systems approach, effective policies, and adaptability. We’re looking forward to helping deliver the progress needed to achieve it.

World Wildlife Fund

Cascading Materials Vision:

Reuse, Collaboration, Innovation

The Cascading Materials Vision seeks to enable a global system of efficient, cascading reuse of materials, allowing every business and industry to protect their profits, the environment, and the future wealth of our natural resources.

Spearheaded by World Wildife Fund (WWF), the Cascading Materials Vision brings together the world’s leading companies, policy-makers and environmental nonprofits in a common platform to enable action toward a more sustainable future by increasing access and availability of high-quality secondary materials.

The Cascading Materials Vision is grounded in a common framework of guiding principles that allows signatories to align and collaborate on materials management, including the enabling conditions for secondary materials market structure, material innovation, and design.

Organizations are committing to the pursuit of better materials management that is firmly grounded in science and has a systems-wide scope. By signing on to the Cascading Materials Vision, signatories commit to follow the Cascading Materials Vision’s guiding principles in future endeavors.

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