E-Commerce Seminar


Monday, November 7
at Pack Expo
in Chicago, IL

  • 11:30 am – 1:30 pm
  • Room 502B, South Bldg.
  • Limited Seating
  • Refreshments will be provided (thanks to Nestlé)
  • RSVP  (to ensure a spot)

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Is Your E-Commerce Packaging
Value Chain Sustainable?

Nothing delights consumers more than receiving gifts and other items delivered right to their doorstep. And packaging ensures that consumers will actually be delighted when they open the box and find their treasure in pristine condition.

For this to happen, the package and the product must work in tandem to maximize product acceptance and minimize damage. That’s where the big picture concepts of Sustainable Materials Management, Life Cycle Thinking and the Circular Economy apply.

Big Picture Thinking: Optimizing E-Commerce Packaging brings together key players in the e-commerce packaging value chain to explain how they apply these concepts to maximize personal satisfaction while minimizing economic, environmental, and social waste.



  • Allison Schumacher
    Director, Environmental Policy & Sustainability
    Consumer Technology Association
  • Walter Peterson
    Manager, Packaging Innovation
  • Vicki Case
    VP of E-Commerce & Fulfillment Solutions
    Sealed Air
  • Jim Lowry
    Director, New Business Development
    & Technology

Facilitated by Jeff Wooster, President, AMERIPEN.

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