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What is the mission of AMERIPEN?

To use facts and sound science to develop positions on issues related to packaging and the environment for purposes of stakeholder dialogue and governmental interaction. The focus is on the environmental impacts, marketing, sourcing, manufacture, and distribution of packaging throughout its lifecycle.

Here is an excerpt from our Bylaws: “To advance the common business interests of entities conducting business as a part of the North American packaging value chain consisting of the manufacturing supply chain, retailers, distributors, and recovery systems (‘the industry’); to advocate for the role, benefits and functions of packaging in the North American market and society, with a ‘material neutral’ perspective; to advocate, promote and represent the interests of the industry, in every lawful way, with legislatures and governmental agencies; to influence, using sound science, legislation addressing product packaging and the environment; to influence and endorse the creation of independent research related to product packaging and the environment; to cooperate with other related associations and societies in matters of common interest; to engage in such other lawful trade association activities as will promote the industry and be consistent with concepts of responsible packaging.”

What is the scope of AMERIPEN?

AMERIPEN is an industry and trade organization with an economic interest in packaging and packaged products. It presents the opinion of the packaging value chain on topics related to packaging and the environment.

AMERIPEN strives to promote fact- and science-based decision making in order to advocate for a future where all production, distribution, and consumption are sustainable.

What is the geographical focus?

AMERIPEN is predominantly focused on US based policy issues, largely at the state level.  Local and federal opportunities will be addressed as they arise and are supported by member interest.

In which types of research does AMERIPEN engage?

Our research depends on the objectives and strategies defined at the annual meeting of members; however, in general, AMERIPEN commissions research that provides factual and scientific evidence to support balanced positions that best represent the interests of the packaging industry as a whole.

How does AMERIPEN develop its facts?

We work closely with our Technical Advisory Group (TAG), and also collaborate with existing industry organizations and associations, academic resources, government agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to leverage expertise and engage in dialogue.


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