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Associate Members can be trade associations or consultancies wishing to participate in AMERIPEN activities.  A key interest for associations will be the ability to participate in our government affairs activities, both within AMERIPEN and as part of our outside policy and lobbying efforts.

Annual Associate Membership dues are $5,000, payable upon joining and then when invoiced at the beginning of each new calendar year.

Please note:

  • Associate Members are not voting members of AMERIPEN.
  • The cost of membership is pro-rated over the calendar year on a quarterly basis.
  • Associate membership is subject to approval by the AMERIPEN Board of Directors.

If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact Bob Lilienfeld, Senior Director of Communications & Outreach, AMERIPEN, at 1-586-747-1620, email

Please fill in all fields. Thank you!

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