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AMERIPEN members benefit themselves, the packaging supply chain, and the overall environment by working together toward a future where all production, distribution, and consumption are sustainable. We have established two types of ownership, based upon organization type.

Members (Voting)
To be eligible for voting membership, an applicant must be a legal entity, such as a corporation or a limited liability company. There are no individual memberships.

  • Demonstrate industry leadership on key issues material to your business.
  • Mitigate /manage threat of real and/or reputational risks related to packaging policy actions.
  • Access to policy tracking database and Government Affairs team; visibility to potential head or tailwinds.
  • Gain direct access to policy makers and participate in discussions as desired.
  • Collaborate with other member companies on like-minded issues.
  • Build relationships with regulators and government agencies on issues material to your business.
  • Access to technical and policy experience brought by the TAG.
  • Ability to identify and plan for compliance to new and proposed legislative activity.
  • Reduce burden / gain efficiency for internal GA team for packaging related issues.

Associate Members (Non-Voting)
If you’re a trade association or consultancy, you may join AMERIPEN as a non-voting Associate Member. Annual dues are $5,000.

  • Amplify voice on policy initiatives already on your agenda.
  • Avoid duplication of efforts on research to shape / support policy recommendations.
  • Access to a venue for proactive policy discussions.
  • Potential for spending efficiency with lobbyist resources.

Need to learn more? Read our Membership Brochure. Ready to join?

Questions? Contact us.



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