Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership

AMERIPEN members benefit themselves, the packaging supply chain, and the overall environment by working together toward a future where all production, distribution, and consumption are sustainable. Members can:

  • Shape public policy related to packaging
  • Participate in education and outreach to stakeholder legislators
  • and regulators
  • Manage issues – develop unified position statements on packaging
  • environmental regulations and legislation
  • Collaborate with other organizations to improve leverage and scale
  • as appropriate to influencing the system
  • Access AMERIPEN-exclusive information and resources
  • Attend the Annual Meeting of members and set direction
  • for the organization
  • Participate on AMERIPEN committees and projects teams
  • Be part of a member-driven organization!

Voting Rights

As with the dues structure, member voting follows a sliding scale based on company size. Each member shall name one Voting Delegate to cast that member’s vote(s) on any action brought before the membership.

Tier 1 >$10B – 7 votes            Tier 2 $1B-$10B – 4 votes
Tier 3 $10M-$1B – 2 votes      Tier 4 <$10M – 1 vote

If you’re a trade association or consultancy, you may join AMERIPEN as a non-voting Associate Member. Annual dues are $5,000.

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