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Benefits of Membership.

Benefits of Membership in AMERIPEN

AMERIPEN members benefit themselves, the packaging supply chain, and the overall environment by working together toward a future where all production, distribution, and consumption are sustainable. Specifically, members can:

  • Shape public policy related to packaging
  • Participate in education and outreach to stakeholder legislators and regulators
  • Manage issues – develop unified position statements on packaging environmental regulations and legislation
  • Collaborate with other organizations to improve leverage and scale as appropriate to influencing the system
  • Access AMERIPEN-exclusive information and resources
  • Attend the Annual Meeting of members and set direction for the organization
  • Participate in AMERIPEN committees and projects teams
  • Be part of a member-driven organization!

Voting Rights

As with the dues structure, member voting follows a sliding scale based on company size. Each member shall name one Voting Delegate to cast that member’s vote(s) on any action brought before the membership.

  • Tier 1 >$10B – 7 votes
  • Tier 2 $1B-$10B – 4 votes
  • Tier 3 $10M-<$1B – 2 votes
  • Tier 4 <$10M – 1 vote

More Reasons to Join AMERIPEN

Learn more about the value that AMERIPEN membership can provide to your company, and hear from some major corporations why they are active members. Read our brochure, “Should You Join AMERIPEN?”

Become a Member

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