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BiologiQ Joins AMERIPEN

AMERIPEN is pleased to announce that BiologiQ, of Idaho Falls, Idaho, has become a member. BiologiQ’s proprietary technology uses a renewable resource (potato starch) to produce blended resins that are stronger than resins made solely from fossil fuels. (Read the press release.)

AMERIPEN Hosts “Hidden Persuaders” Seminar at Pack Expo on September 26, 2017

There are five forces outside of your company that can control your business destiny. Do you know what they are and how you can effectively work with them? Join us for The Hidden Persuaders at Pack Expo in Las Vegas.

AMERIPEN Takes Leadership Position in Effort to Maintain Funding for Recycling in North Carolina

As you know by now, we’ve been a big part of the collaborative effort designed to ensure that the state of North Carolina continues to fund recycling programs. Here’s a recent article from WasteDive.

AMERIPEN Joins WWF’s Cascading Materials Vision Program

AMERIPEN is excited to be part of WWF’s Cascading Materials Vision, which aims to extend the life of our natural resources. The Vision includes many of the philosophies upon which our organization is based, including science-based decision making, a systems approach, effective policies, and adaptability.

Read about the program and our participation here. We’re looking forward to helping deliver the progress needed to achieve it.


Upcoming Events

Verge 17
September 19-21, 2017
Santa Clara, CA

Pack Expo
September 25-27, 2017
Las Vegas, NV



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