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Detailed Analysis of AMERIPEN’s Survey of Packaging Materials Recovery
in 100 Largest U.S. Cities in Public Webcast, June 13

WAKEFIELD, Mass. June 3, 2013 As part of its ongoing commitment to improving the recovery of used packaging materials in the United States, the American Institute for Packaging and the Environment (AMERIPEN) will present an in-depth analysis of its survey of recovery activities in the 100 largest U.S. cities.  The free public webinar takes place on Thursday, June 13 at 2 p.m. EST.  Advance registration is required.

Analysis of the 100-cities survey results is the most recent step in a multi-year initiative that began with compiling information across all phases of the packaging recovery system.  That information was then built into an interactive web-based tool called the Product Recovery Knowledge Map (PRKM,) which was launched last year and is now available to the public to provide visibility and access to data that may help guide improvements to the system.

The 100-cities survey was initiated to take the PRKM work to the next level and to allow for targeted recommendations for improving the US recovery system.  Since last fall, the AMERIPEN Recovery Team has painstakingly refined, enhanced, and analyzed the survey data to evaluate opportunities for adoption of best practices and to develop focused approaches to improving material recovery systems throughout the United States.

Key findings will be presented that include opportunities to drive more material recovery, detailed business case scenarios based on data gathered from a select group of cities, and critical areas for best practices intervention.  The next step in the recovery initiative will commence at AMERIPEN’s Annual Meeting, June 26-28, where the group’s members will review and evaluate potential strategies for taking action based on the research analysis.

“I want to congratulate AMERIPEN’s Recovery Team for the tremendous progress that has been made to collect facts and data to understand both the current recovery system in the U.S. and, more importantly, what may be done to improve it.  This dedicated group of members and advisors was invaluable in achieving these insights,” said Gail Tavill, AMERIPEN President.  ”Clearly there is no singular answer to driving higher performance in these systems, but there are opportunities to adopt best practices and policies as supported by this research.  I invite anyone with an interest in promoting better recovery of used packaging to join our presentation and discussion on June 13.”

The webcast will also illustrate how financial benefits of recovery can offset costs, and it will discuss additional benefits of a high-impact recovery system, including social benefits such as job creation, environmental benefits from better use of raw material resources, and other effects.  Webcast leaders will take questions from attendees following the presentation.

The June 13 webinar is the latest in a series of AMERIPEN open knowledge-sharing sessions that detail the progressive results of the packaging recovery optimization initiative.  Replays of previous webcasts are available for download without charge.


AMERIPEN advocates for packaging policy developments in North America and focuses on measures that are environmentally and economically sound, as well as socially responsible.  The organization, with a material-neutral approach, encourages science-based decision-making on packaging initiatives and provides a point of view and guidance to policy-makers and thought leaders on the value and role of packaging.

AMERIPEN welcomes companies that support the philosophy of a collaborative trade and industry organization, active and cooperative issue resolution, and material and packaging system neutrality.  More information is available at


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