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Chicken Packaging: Something to Cluck About

AMERIPEN Brochure Shows How Packaging Delivers for Chicken

Wakefield, Mass. – Sept. 23, 2013 — AMERIPEN (American Institute for Packaging and the Environment) has completed a detailed study of the effects of packaging on the value chain for the chicken industry, and is releasing a brochure describing those findings.  Entitled “Chicken and Packaging: A Sustainable Partnership,” it is available for download at the AMERIPEN website.  Printed copies are also available from AMERIPEN at the PACK EXPO event, booth C-455 in the Association Pavilion.

Among other notable facts, the document points out that chicken has become America’s favorite protein source, with per-capita consumption growing from 53 to 84 pounds over the last 25 years.  Further, the price of chicken hasn’t changed at all during this time, and when adjusted for inflation, it actually costs about eight times less than it did 50 years ago.

One of the key reasons for the high demand and lost cost of chicken is packaging innovation.  According to Professor Scott Russell of the University of Georgia, “Packaging advances have improved the safety and quality of poultry products.”

The brochure describes how packaging has helped reduce contamination, increase product variety and convenience, and significantly reduce food waste.  “With these improvements, packaging has played a large role in making the poultry supply chain far more sustainable than it was 50 years ago,” said Ron Cotterman, Vice President, Sustainability for Sealed Air Corporation and an AMERIPEN board member.  ”It enables people to bring home safe food, at a lower cost, and with a reduced environmental footprint.”


AMERIPEN advocates for packaging policy developments in North America and focuses on measures that are environmentally and economically sound, as well as socially responsible.  The organization, with a material-neutral approach, encourages science-based decision-making on packaging initiatives and provides a point of view and guidance to policy-makers and thought leaders on the value and role of packaging.

AMERIPEN welcomes companies that support the philosophy of a collaborative trade and industry organization, active and cooperative issue resolution, and material and packaging system neutrality.  More information is available at


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