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Chicken & Packaging

Did You Know That…

  • Chicken (broiler) production is a $50 billion industry, employing 230,000 people. Chicken has become America’s favorite source of protein and is also the most affordable meat-based protein source.
  • There is approximately 4% food-related waste in the U.S. poultry supply chain, vs. 10-15% in less developed countries. To a great degree, this low figure is due to modern packaging and distribution.
  • Chicken packaging is highly efficient. A five-pound broiler can be packaged in less than 0.5 oz. of flexible material. Thus, less than 1% of the overall mass is package related, while over 99% is from the product.
  • Ready to learn more? Read our brochure, Chicken & Packaging: A Sustainable Partnership.
  • Only have a minute? Check out our Chicken and Packaging Fact Sheet.





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