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Welcome, PEPSICO!

Our fact-based, material neutral, collaborative approach helps provide the credibility PEPSICO needs to convince policymakers and other audiences that the entire packaging value chain and its products play positive roles in the effort to build a sustainable economy, environment, and society.

AMERIPEN is leading on:

  • E-commerce, by articulating the role packaging plays in keeping products safe and identifying best strategies for creating a sustainable e-commerce packaging supply chain.  We just released a white paper on this that is getting great attention. We have many other related resources, as well.
  • Industry response on chemical issues in packaging, including coordination of cross-industry comments to the Sustainable Accounting Standards Board (SASB) on chemical analysis.
  • Proactive public policy, by developing legislative solutions, building industry coalitions, and directly advocating on behalf of its members with an innovative multi-state government affairs strategy.
  • Critical policy discussions across the country to advance positive solid waste management solutions like sustainable materials management, life cycle thinking and more.  We host webinars, generate media attention on critical issues, and educate members and policy makers.  Several examples are available here.
  • Food waste, by articulating the role packaging plays in prevention, and identifying best practices and elevating case studies to creating understanding that a little packaging can reduce a lot of waste.  Read more here.  Also, we just initiated a deeper analysis of packaging and food waste to fill some research gaps.

Because of our coalition building, material neutrality, scientific orientation, and desire to be proactive, AMERIPEN is not simply another trade organization.  We are problem solvers, and try to see situations from the perspectives of all parties, looking for solutions that can work, be agreed upon, and implemented.

We’d love to add PEPSICO’s voice to that discussion!

Note to our PEPSICO colleagues:
To help you learn about AMERIPEN and its value to PEPSICO, we’ve created this special site page. It is only available to you, and is not directly accessible from any other pages on our website.

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