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The most important issue in packaging.

In 2023 we presented a webinar series introducing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) to over 500 of our colleagues in the industry, and we're excited to announce a highly-anticipated sequel: Preparing for Packaging Producer Responsibility in the U.S. With EPR now a reality, this series dives into the implications that new and future regulations and legislation have for your business.

There is no prior knowledge required to enjoy this webinar series, but we encourage all participants from 2023 to expand their understanding of EPR and stay up to date on current trends. The key takeaways from 2023's webinar series are presented below. Please use the link above to register for the new series.

The information below is for 2023's Packaging EPR Has Arrived in the U.S. – Now What?

Thank you for joining us for this AMERIPEN webinar series designed to educate stakeholders across the packaging value chain on extended producer responsibility (EPR). Through six webinars, we informed, educated, and guided participants' understanding of EPR, helping them become more effective advocates of emerging legislation, implementation, and rulemaking for existing laws. Below, you'll find pertinent information and key takeaways from the series.

This webinar series has concluded. To join us for 2024's Preparing for Packaging Producer Responsibility in the U.S., please click here. If you're interested in purchasing the full recordings of the 2023's inaugural EPR webinar series, please email for more information.

Packaging EPR Has Arrived in the U.S. - Now What? An AMERIPEN Webinar Series

What and Where is Packaging Producer Responsibility?

Learn the basics of packaging producer responsibility and how its implementation looks differently based upon on independent needs and goals and legislative details. We will hear from Canadian and European peers and learn about the status of new laws here in the U.S.

Speakers: Andy Hackman (AMERIPEN), Neil Menezes (General Mills), Joachim Quoden (EXPRA)

Date: February 15, 2023 12:00-1:30 PM EST

See the Session 1 Key Takeaways here!

States Perspectives on Implementation

Learn directly from the four U.S. states who have passed packaging producer responsibility laws about what makes their programs unique , what are their next steps and how you can engage as they move from passed legislation onto rulemaking and implementation.

Speakers: Nicole Portley (OR DEQ), Brian Beneski (Maine Department of Environmental Protection), Darla Arians (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment), and Erin Rodriguez (CalRecycle).

Date: March 15, 2023 12:00-1:30 PM EST

See the Session 2 Key Takeaways here!

Understanding Producer Responsibility Organizations and Management Structures

How packaging producer responsibility programs are managed can have a significant impact on outcomes. In this webinar we will explore the various models used internationally and discuss their pros and cons. We will hear from producer responsibility organizations (PROs) about what they think is important to be effective and what companies should be considering now as PROs are being established in the U.S.

Speakers: Allen Langdon (Circular Materials); Mariagiovanna Vetere (Natureworks Italy), Paul Grenier (Clorox)

Date: April 19 2023, 12:00-1:30 PM EST

See the Session 3 Key Takeaways here!

Considering Compostable and Hard to Recycle Materials

Packaging producer responsibility has typically been billed as a way to invest in the recycling system and to encourage recyclability. But how can the system work for other forms of packaging like compostable or emerging innovations that may not yet have robust markets or curbside acceptance? How do we ensure we’re using packaging producer responsibility to plan for the future while not penalizing those who already have a robust recovery system in place? Learn how different states and countries envision market flexibility to add materials into the system over time.

Speakers: Rhodes Yepsen (BPI); Alison Keane (Flexible Packaging Association), David Allaway (OR DEQ) 

Date: May 17, 2023 12:00-1:30 PM EST

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Role of Market Development in Packaging Producer Responsibility

It is frequently argued that packaging producer responsibility helps drive market development by making the producers engaged in the supply chain. In this webinar we will explore different models used to encourage recycling market development and explore their pros and cons. A discussion on best practices and challenges to overcome will help inform strategies for the U.S. We will also discuss the role of market development centers and how they could work with PROs to help close the gap.

Speakers: Betsy Dorn (Circular Matters), Matt Flechter (Michigan Department of Environmental Quality), Jason Pelz (Tetra Pak)

Date: June 14, 2023 12:00-1:30 PM EST

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Influencing Packaging Design through Eco-modulation

Can packaging producer responsibility influence package design? This webinar will explore models that have been tried in the past and which are being introduced now to help encourage recyclability. We will discuss how different states are looking at assigning fees to incent certain design choices (eco-modulation) and the implications that may have on design for the environment and across the packaging supply chain. 

Speakers: Reid Lifset (Yale, School of the Environment), Geneviève Dionne (Éco Entreprises Québec)

Date: July 12, 2023 12:00-1:30 PM EST

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