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Membership Applications

AMERIPEN Membership

Membership is subject to approval by the AMERIPEN Board of Directors.

Please note: you will be issued an invoice and presented with payment instructions once your application is approved.

Company Member

To be eligible for Company Membership, an applicant must be a legal entity, such as a corporation or a limited liability company. There are no individual memberships. Further, the entity must support the philosophy of a united trade and industry organization, active and cooperative issue resolution, and material and packaging system neutrality. Membership is open to all packaging value chain economic operators, such as:

    • Raw materials producers
    • Packaging suppliers and/or converters
    • Packaged goods manufacturers
    • Distributors of packaged goods
    • Retailers of packed goods
    • Waste haulers
    • Recyclers

Associate Member

Associate Members can be trade associations or consultancies wishing to participate in AMERIPEN activities. A key interest for associations will be the ability to participate in our government affairs activities, both within AMERIPEN and as part of our outside policy and lobbying efforts. Associate Members are not voting members of AMERIPEN.

Annual Associate Membership dues are $6,500, payable upon joining and then when invoiced at the beginning of each new calendar year.


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