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Who We Are


We represent the North American packaging value chain by providing public policy makers with fact-based, material inclusive, scientific information.

Using sound science and a philosophy of material inclusivity, AMERIPEN develops and advocates positions on issues related to packaging and the environment. Members include leading brand owners, packaging converters, materials suppliers, and recyclers.

AMERIPEN is leading on…

  • Proactive public policy, by developing legislative solutions, building industry coalitions, and directly advocating on behalf of its members with an innovative multi-state government affairs strategy.
  • Critical policy discussions across the country to advance positive solid waste management solutions like sustainable materials management, life cycle thinking and more.  We host webinars, generate media attention on critical issues, and educate members and policy makers.
  • Food waste, by articulating the role packaging plays in prevention, and identifying best practices and elevating case studies to creating understanding that a little packaging can reduce a lot of waste.

How We're Different

How AMERIPEN is different…

AMERIPEN is the only organization exclusively focused on U.S. public policy for the entire packaging industry. We advocate on behalf of the entire packaging value chain—from material producers to brand owners, to recycling partners—before state legislatures and the federal government collaborate with stakeholders to advance the packaging industry’s public policy objectives.

  • Material inclusive value chain approach to solving the packaging industry’s biggest challenges.
  • Ability to Lobby and Engage in Public Policy.
  • Big Picture Conversations - Depth of experience within membership base, material inclusive stance allows for AMERIPEN to tackle big picture obstacles (asking the hard questions)

Membership Types

Membership Details

AMERIPEN members benefit themselves, the packaging supply chain, and the overall environment by working together toward a future where all production, distribution, and consumption are sustainable. We have established two types of membership, based upon organization type.

Company Membership

  • Demonstrate industry leadership on key issues material to your business.
  • Mitigate /manage threat of real and/or reputational risks related to packaging policy actions.
  • Access to policy tracking database and Government Affairs team; visibility to potential head or tailwinds.
  • Gain direct access to policy makers and participate in discussions as desired.
  • Collaborate with other member companies on like-minded issues.
  • Build relationships with regulators and government agencies on issues material to your business.
  • Ability to identify and plan for compliance to new and proposed legislative activity.
  • Reduce burden / gain efficiency for internal Government Affairs team for packaging related issues.
  • Voting rights in all AMERIPEN elections.


To be eligible for Company Membership, an applicant must be a legal entity, such as a corporation or a limited liability company. There are no individual memberships. Further, the entity must support the philosophy of a united trade and industry organization, active and cooperative issue resolution, and material and packaging system inclusivity. Membership is open to all packaging value chain economic operators, such as:

  • Raw materials producers
  • Packaging suppliers and/or converters
  • Packaged goods manufacturers
  • Distributors of packaged goods
  • Waste haulers
  • Recyclers
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Retailers of packed goods

Tier I

Company Size: Global sales greater than $10 Billion for most recently reported fiscal year.

Annual Dues: $25,000

Votes per Member: 7

Tier II

Company Size: Global sales of $1–10 billion for most recently reported fiscal year.

Annual Dues: $19,000

Votes per Member: 4

Tier III

Company Size: Global sales of $10 Million–1 billion for most recently reported fiscal year.

Annual Dues: $12,500

Votes per Member: 2

Tier IV

Company Size: Global sales of less than $10 Million for most recently reported fiscal year

Annual Dues: $6,500

Votes per Member: 1

Associate Membership

  • Amplify voice on policy initiatives already on your agenda.
  • Avoid duplication of efforts on research to shape / support policy recommendations.
  • Access to a venue for proactive policy discussions.
  • Potential for spending efficiency with lobbyist resources.


Trade associations and consultancies interested in supporting AMERIPEN’s public policy agenda are welcome to apply for Associate Membership. Annual dues are $6,500. Additional support for legislative efforts welcomed.

2024-2027 Strategic Plan

The AMERIPEN Board of Directors met in November 2023 for a rigorous strategic planning session where we discussed short- and long-term priorities and initiatives for our association. You can view a summary of the strategic plan we developed here. We look forward to building on our success going forward to continue our industry-leading promotion of sustainability in packaging.

Big Ideas

Our strategic plan covers a wide variety of focused initiatives and priorities, all tied back to these six overarching themes:

  • Advocacy and Policy
  • Communication and Education
  • Innovation and Research
  • Industry Collaboration
  • Public Awareness and Perception
  • Capacity Building for Members

More information on specific outcomes we hope to achieve can be viewed in our strategic plan summary. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at

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