Steve Thompson, founder of The Curbside Value Partnership and The Recycling Partnership passed away late last week. We asked some of his closest associates to write a few words about him. Please take a few minutes to read about him here.

Dow Chemical Launches Sustainable Packaging Technology: Dow Chemical has developed a sustainable packaging technology that the company says can reduce manufacturers’ greenhouse gas emissions. (Environmental Leader)



2016 AMERIPEN Annual Meeting
June 1-3, 2016
Washington, DC.
Capital Hilton

This year’s theme is Building Alignment, Driving Action: Promoting Effective Sustainable Packaging Policies.

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Personal Care Packaging: Safety, Convenience & Sustainability

Shampoo & Conditioner. Cosmetics. Toothpaste, Soap & Body Wash. Americans spend $50 billion annually for beauty & personal care products.

People invest a lot in them because they expect a lot from them.

Packaging helps ensure they receive the functional and sustainable value they paid for.




Want to learn more? Read our brochure, Personal Care Packaging: Safety Convenience & Sustainability



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Fresh Food Waste

Fresh Cheese in Plastic Wrap

Americans annually waste 36 million tons of food, worth a staggering $162 billion! (And, much of this waste occured during the holidays.)

Our brochure, Reducing Fresh Food Waste: The Role of Packaging, explains the rather significant roles that packaging plays in reducing this waste, ensuring a sustainable food supply. By providing product protection; shelf life extension; freshness & nutrition maintenance; and portion control; a little bit of packaging can reduce waste while also protecting economic and environmental resources.

 Read our highly acclaimed brochure, Reducing Fresh Food
Waste: The Role of Packaging.
Fresh Food Food Waste Brochure