Using Big Picture Thinking:
The Role of Packaging

Packaging plays a starring role in the effort to transport, protect, and deliver e-commerce purchases. To learn more about the roles that optimized packaging must play in the effort to build a sustainable e-commerce supply chain, read our just-publishes white paper: Optimizing Packaging for an E-Commerce World.


food-waste-web-page-bannerApproximately 40% of food produced in the U.S. is not consumed. The annual amount of this waste is staggering: 36 million tons, worth $162 billion.

Much of this waste occurs at home.By providing protection, safety, extended shelf life, and cost efficiencies, packaging plays a major role in the effort minimize this waste. To learn more, please review our just-released brief overview brochure and series of easy-to-read case studies.

Why Are So Many Organic Drinks Sold in Boxes?: Read our latest brochure, produced with PAC Food.

Plastics Industry Association joins AMERIPEN: Read about why they saw value in joining us!

Brian Wagner joins AMERIPEN: Thought leader and future thinker Brian Wagner is now a Senior Director here at AMERIPEN. Welcome, Brian

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